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Caroline Charles is organising a Masters Open Competition at Crystal Palace on Saturday 24th February 2018. Total's will be accepted for qualifying for European and World Masters. Please email for entry form. Priority will be given to those not able to compete in the British Masters. Maximum of 25 lifters so will be on a first come basis.

The Kilwinning Anniversary Cup ay Palace of Arts, Glasgow on Saturday 9th December was a great success. With 25 lifters all performing well.

Palace of Arts is the venue for the Kilwinning Anniversary Cup on Saturday 9th December 2017. Contact Bill Despard at for information.

The Autumn Cup Open Championships on Saturday 28th October held at Kilwinning WLC was once again a great competition. Very good totals from all the competitors. It was nice to see the Arbroath lifters making the long trip and finishing with very good results.

Good results were achieved by many lifters at the Glasgow Challenge Cup competition between Glasgow City Barbell Club (GCB) and Kilwinning Weightlifting Club (KILW), held at Kilwinning on 24th June 2017.
In the womens competition Nikki Hamilton of (KILW) made a welcome return to competition and at 56.86kg put up an easy 60kg snatch and a 70kg C&J to win the first place on Sinclair Formula (SF) with 185.871 points to Emma Bruce (GCB) with a 53kg snatch and 71kg C&J for 158.549 points.
Fiona Bowles (GCB) made 43 and 63 for third place. Sue Kirkpatrick (KILW) took the womens mater slot with 37 and 48.
The second Group was for 7 men being a combination of Youth (U17), Junior (U20), Senior and one Master lifter. Top performer was senior lifter Dimitris Sergakis (GCB) with a excellent 105kg snatch and a strong 120kg C&J, just missing 130kg on second and third attempts.
Tristram McIntyre (KILW) and Connor Stepney (GCB) in the Juniors had a good battle with Tristram making 77 and 98 for 253.677 (SF) to Connor's 86 and 100 for 240.055 (SF).
In the Youth's, Keiran Connor (GCB) made very good lifts of 73 and 90 - 163 for 222.20 (SF) with Taylor Ellis (KILW) making 62 and 74 - 136 for 196.916 (SF). Ben Brown (KILW) put up 41 and 45 - 86 for 140.29 (SF).
Master lifter Ryan Coyle (KILW) made a 65 snatch and a gutsy 84 C&J, totalling 149 and 228.784 (SF).
The final group also had 7 lifters with three Youths, one Junior, one Senior and two Masters.
The outstanding lifter was 17 year old Youth competitor Jason Epton (GCB) who made all six succesful attempts, all performed powerfully and with excellent technique, finishing with a 115 snatch and a 145 C&J - 120 total and 325.528 (SF) which was the highest of the competition.
Other Youth lifters were David Walker (KILW) who made a good 88 snatch, but sustained a thigh injury which ruled him out of the C&J. Callum Taylor (KILW) in his first competition made six good lifts totalling 35 snatch and 43 C&J for 78 total.
Junior lifter Thomas Whelan (GCB) made powerful lifts of 115 snatch and 145 C&J - 26- for 297.57 (SF) to take the overall Junior title. In the Senior's, Ian McCallum, made a good 110 snatch and a 137 C&J - 247 for 282.562 S(F).
Two Master's lifters John McEwan and Kevin Watson both (GCB) took part with John making a good 85 snatch and a strong 110 C&J - 195 for 293.571 (SF). Kevin put up a good 93 snatch but was unable to C&J due to injury.

Twenty lifters contested the Kilwinning Cup including master lifters and others. Three women lifted in the masters division with Claire Cameron running out in top position on Sinclair Formula (SF) with 138.818 points. In the mens Group 2, Tristan McIntyre of Kilwinning showed good technique with a 172kg total and a 254.737 SF, narrowly beating Ally McKean also Kilwinning who scored 253.557 points. Ryan Coyle in the masters scored 260.22. Four female lifters from Glasgow City Barbell showed excellent technical form and good totals with a very good performance from Kim Allan who just pipped Alison Grey to the top SF position for women with 164.336 to Alison's 164.154 points. The final group had some very good results, with 17 year old Jason Epton making a very easy 110kg snatch on his second attempt followed by a 135kg C&J on is first attempt. He took no further attempts on his lifts. His SF total of 311.30 took first place overall for the best male lifter award followed by master lifters John McEwan and David Owens at 2nd and 3rd respectively who both put up some personal best results. Kevin Watson at 111.04kg bodyweight made good lifts of 96kg snatch and an impressive 120kg C&J. A well run and enjoyable contest for all competitors and spectators.

Kilwinning WLC are hosting the Kilwinning Cup on Saturday 22nd April 2017. Entry fee is £10 and £5 for under 14 year olds.
Weigh-in is 10 to 11am with a 12 noon start. Guests are welcome. Any questions please email Bill Despard at

The Kilwinning Anniversary Cup Championships were a great success. Once again Kilwinning WLC was a fantastic host. There was a large turnout of lifters with good quality lifting and good totals by all. The results are on the results page.

The Scottish Masters sponser (Kilwinning WLC) hosted the Autumn Cup Championships on 20th August 2016. There were many lifters and it was great to see some lifters making a return to weightlifting and some new competitors. The whole competition is on YouTube under the competition heading. The results will be published as soon as they are made available.

A new competition for all weightlifters is being hosted by this website's main sponser, Kilwinning WLC. It is called "The Autumn Cup" and will be held on Saturday 20th August 2016. Weigh-in 10 to 11am, start 12 noon. The entry fee is £15 and £10 for lifters under 15 years of age. The entry form on this site has all the details you will need to enter. If you have any questions please email

Kilwinning WLC hosted the Golden Lion of Scotland Championships on 7th May 2016. The competition was once again very well organised by Kilwinning WLC. There was plenty of free food and drink available to officials and competitors. The competition started with a number of lifters as young as seven showing the more senior lifters just how it should be done. There were great performances from senior lifters aswell. The results can be viewed on the results page. A video of the competition can be viewed on YouTube by searching "Golden Lion of Scotland". It lasts for 35.09 minutes. If anyone would like a free DVD of the competition please email

The North Ayrshire Open Weightlifting Championships are being held at Kilwinning Weightlifting Club under BWL rules with BWL referees. Weigh-in is 10 to 11 am with a 12 noon start. This is NO ENTRY FEE or entry form. You will have to produce a Weightlifting Association membership card and proof of date of birth. Any questions please email
This is a great opportunity for lifters to set new Scottish records and to qualify for the British Championships.

What a great success the Golden Lion of Scotland Championships was, hosted by Kilwinning Weightlifting Club. With lifters from around the UK it turned into a very exciting competition with lifters doing personal bests and Scottish Masters records being broken yet again. It was also nice to see some lifters returning to competition after a long absence. Many thanks to Bill Despard for running such a successful competition and for providing an abundance of food and drink.

The Calendar has been updates. Any questions please contact Jim Ferguson or George Byng. The Last Chance Championships are being held on 27th December in Veldhoven, Holland. If you would like more information about the competition please contact Jim Ferguson.

Due to circumstances outwith the Masters committee's control, the Scottish Masters AGM is postponed. The Scottish Masters committee will annouce the new date when it has been arranged.

Photos from World Masters in Finland

The competition at Ravaniemo in Finland has proved to be a great success for WLS Masters.
The results are as follows;
Name. Result Team Pts Sinc/Mal Pts
Claire Cameron Silver 25 134.27
Trisha Forbes 23 126.60
Helen Weavers Silver 25 150.34
Christiane Rowley Bronze 23 153.81
Bill Despard Silver 25 310.68
John McEwan Bronze 23 313.86
Jim Ferguson Gold 28 325.76172 1515.32
Great Britain Ladies (inc Scots) were 3rd in team placing with 1324.1820 pts
Great Britain Men (inc Scots) were 4th in team placing with 2570.8479 pts 
It must be mentioned that John and Bill were very unlucky, both missed the next medal up by 1kg.
In the F75+ Claire had a battle with her German opponent but missed a couple of crucial lifts that could have swung the competition. Tricia 
has been suffering from a number little problems and didn't decide to compete until the last moment, this is reflected in her total. The two 
new ladies on the international scene, Helen and Christiane performed very well, particularly as this was the premier competition of the 
year, they just took it in their stride, I'm sure when they get a bit more experience under their belts the totals will go much higher.
The venue for the competition was the Rovaniemi Santasport Centre, an enormous building complete with an indoor running track and more sets 
of Eleiko weights than I have ever seen. The warm up area had 26 platforms with a male and female bar and weights on each, this area was 
rigidly policed by young officials to ensure that only recognised coaches were allowed to enter. At the weigh-in, all lifters were given 
3 passes, one for the lifter and 2 for the coaches. The separate training area had 24 spaces for lifters and in fact, I saw 24 young 
people training together one morning at 7.30am most of the technique was superb.
There was also good accommodation situated in blocks around the centre where most of the lifters were housed, the restaurant served 
substantial meals though not a large variety, I thought the food was good, some others were not of that opinion. One little niggle, the bar 
closed at 9pm, not so good if you wanted to sit and chat after the competition
A full complement of very competent loaders were available for all classes, I did not witness any errors in loading.
A full team of officials were also available for all classes, the competitions tended to start on time, though the first couple of days, tended to over-run.
This was a well organised competition, and ran very well virtually all of the time, there were a few glitches with the computer systems 
however, the "man from Eleiko" soon sorted them out.
I understand that there will be an Open European Championships in 2017 convened at this venue due to the World Games being held in New 
Zealand, this will give many more lifters the opportunity to compete at 
this great venue.
The Scottish Masters committee would like to congratulate all the Scottish youth lifters that lifted in the Commonwealth Youth Games in Samoa. They also wish the very best to the Scottish Masters lifters, Jim Ferguson, Bill Despard, John McEwan, Claire Cameron, Trisha Forbes and Helen Weaver who are lifting in the World Masters Championships in Finland. We hope they all come back with medals.

The Scottish Masters Open was held at Kilwinning Weightlifting Club on Saturday 18th July 2015. There was a happy atmosphere and everyone had a great day. Two new female lifters , Denise Trayling and Barbara Parkins made new Scottish records.  Bill Despard also set a new Scottish record. The results are on the RESULTS page.

Despite the unconstitutional actions of the WLS board the Scottish Masters Open Championships is going ahead at Kilwinning Weightlifting Club on Saturday 18th July 2015.
Further undemocratic actions by the WLS board are the holding of two illegal AGMs in 2015. At both of these AGMs the membership are not allowed to question the board in any manner regarding their illegal actions throughout their years in office. We do not have a WLS board running the sport, we have a dictatorship. The board have also not told the membership that three board members have resigned this year so far. The positions have not been filled. The board refuse to divulge to the membership how much they claim in expenses each year. What are they hiding???
It is sad that so many members are willing to accept the behaviour by the WLS board. If our ancestors acted in a similar manner in the 1940s we would be speaking German now.

The Scottish Masters Open will be held at Kilwinning Weightlifting Club on Saturday 18th July 2015. Weigh-in 10 to 11am with a 12 noon start. The competition may start at 11.30am if it suits the competitors. The entry for is on the ENTRY Forms page.

It has been brought to the Scottish Masters attention that Jim Holland and the WLS vice chairperson Malcolm Boyd had their WLS board directorships terminated on the 15th February 2015. None of this information is on the WLS website so a reason for their termination is unknown.
WLS new address for all written correspondence is 7 Fluers Park, Stirling, FK9 5GR.

Due to the Hitlerite attitude of the WLS board, the Scottish Masters committee (Claire Cameron, Douglas Crawford, Bill Despard, Gary Swanney, Steven Lafferty) have decided to postpone the 2015 Scottish Masters Championships untill all litigation with the WLS board has concluded. So as not to disappoint the lifters who have been training for this competition, Kilwinning WLC will be holding the Kilwinning Cup on Saturday 14th February 2015. All lifters are welcome. The entry form is on the ENTRY FORM page. This competition will be regarded as a qualifying competition for lifters wishing to compete outside of Scotland. The Scottish Masters committee has also stopped the affiliation charge of £15 as the income from competitions is sufficient to enable the Scottish Masters to function effectively.

Any WLS Masters Members who have affiliated to the Scottish Masters in 2015 and who intend to compete in the British Masters Championships on 14/15 March 2015, please advice the secretary, Jim Ferguson, by Thursday 16th January 2015 for further information.

The UK Masters was run by the Scottish Masters at Kilwinning WLC on Saturday 15th November 2014. Although many Scottish masters lifters chose not to enter, the competition ran smoothly and all that did enter had a great day. We look forward to more competitions where the atmosphere is as good as it was.

Two Scottish Masters members met with Sport Scotland on Monday 18th August to discuss Scottish weightlifting matters. Further meetings are planned.
Kilwinning Weightlifting Club hosted the Scottish Masters Open on 21st June 2014. Eighteen masters lifters and five guests competed. Some lifters made new Scottish records and their records will be published as soon as possible. If you wish to watch the competition please click this link
The results are on the RESULTS page.

The Scottish Masters committee believe it is very inappropriate that since the failed Weightlifting Scotland AGM on the 12th April 2014 the Weightlifting Scotland board have not issued a new date and venue for the AGM to reconvene. Several masters members have emailed the chairperson of Weightlifting Scotland (John McNiven) but it would appear all emails are being ignored. The Scottish Masters committee asks that the AGM is urgently reconvened to finalise business as many items are still to be discussed and approved.
The Weightlifting Scotland AGM took place on 12th April 2014 in Stirling. Out of six board members only three turned up for the AGM. The meeting was abandoned when Frank Etherson was given a vote of no confidence as Treasurer and Colin Hannah resigned as Secretary. No further meeting has been scheduled.

Kilwinning WLC hosted a very successful Scottish Masters Championships on 16th February 2014. There were 22 masters lifters and 2 guest lifters.
The results can be seen on the RESULTS page and the competition can be watched by clicking this link


George Byng has  been nominated in the Lifetime Achievement category in the  Inverclyde area. Read the full story by clicking this link.

The Records are now on this site. If you have proof that you are a record holder please let us know. Records are from 1995.